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I created Instant Remedy because it did not exist when I needed it.  I now want to share, along with others like me, remedies that have reversed chronic medical conditions successfully.  Additionally, Emergency help for anyone, especially those in remote areas or alone during a health crisis, is available via a free iPhone, iPad, Android app or by website registration and login to only your trusted contacts, your Circle of Support.



 About Me:  For nineteen and a half years I suffered from severe chronic spastic colitis which is a very painful and disabling condition that originated as a result of two episodes of food poisoning in 1992.   After four years of medical tests and various diagnostic procedures it was established that I indeed did not have cancer.  However, in the meantime I was in constant pain even when I did not have a flare-up as it seemed that a very resistant bacteria had taken up residence in the left corner of my lower abdomen area despite the use of antibiotics many times to try to eradicate it.  The condition left me too weak to live a normal life with doctor visits only possible, at times, with wheel chair assistance.  I was unable to fight off flu and cold viruses, bacteria in spoilt food, etc., which would result in the same symptoms as a full -fledged food poisoning event.  Unable to move about easily, including driving, or eating a normal diet to avoid the disabling pain except to eat some mashed fruit and a little soup broth for energy, I would almost starve for a week or two and sometimes longer to avoid the painful spasms that would accompany normal food consumption during this time until the colitis condition was over.

During the holidays of December 2010 I contracted two viruses one week apart.  The first one was a stomach flu virus and the second a simple cold virus.   Both these viruses gave me severe food

  poisoning symptoms and I was unable to eat much for three and a half weeks and had very little sleep.  During this time in the second week of January 2011, while browsing for health supplements on a popular online shopping website I saw a review left by someone about a natural oil she used to heal spastic colitis which she said was caused in her case by the bacteria helicobacter pylori**.  I was both shocked and excited to read that. This was the same bacteria I discussed at times with my doctor, requesting blood tests for its presence as the symptoms described by others online were similar to mine.  However, I was never told whether this bacterium was found in my blood.  I was tested for various things and never given confirmation of its presence in my blood.  I purchased the remedy and after using it for two weeks I "knew" that the bug was gone!  Sounds fantastic, I know.   I felt 'peaceful' and pain-free inside my body for the first time in almost twenty years and shortly afterwards the idea to share this type of information to everyone in the world became my purpose.  I hope that anyone who has a medical condition that is difficult to live with will make use of Instant Remedy to connect with someone they trust, whether medical, professional or someone who has the same condition, to help them overcome or cope more easily with their health issues.  I would like to extend a huge thank you to the person who shared the review that changed my life.



Medical Professionals and Natural Health Practitioners are encouraged to connect with members.  Please follow the Rules of Use when sharing and responding. Our intention is for all doctors and medical specialists, whether trained in practicing traditional medicine or alternative medicine, to work together  to help everyone to safely heal while avoiding overdosing or self-prescribing which could be fatal when drugs/herbs and alcohol, etc.  are consumed together.  Good quality, authentic medicines will be given high recommendations by Instant Remedy members while companies offering poor quality and often expensive therapies will be forced to improve their products.



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** H. pylori is believed to be transmitted orally. Many researchers think that H. pylori is transmitted orally by means of fecal matter through the ingestion of waste tainted food or water.  Excerpt from www.helico.com