Some FAQ’S which are important to know with respect to your health are:


Question:  I do not have a Circle of Support but would like to share health tips and ask for help.  How will I be able to do that?
Answer:  You may send an email message to  We will review your question or suggestion and respond as soon as possible within 24 hours.
Question:  May I use a fake name when registering?  
Answer:  It is preferable that you use your real name and a safe password of mixed letters and numbers at least.   Since you will be sharing personal information about your health it would be best to communicate only with people you trust and using your real name should not create problems as a result.
Question:  Is it safe to share personal health information on the website and via the apps?
Answer:  Yes, the website and apps are protected by a SSL certificate exactly the same as what is used by banks.
Question:  Are prescription medication and over the counter drugs allowed to be discussed and recommended on this forum?
Answer:  Yes.  In certain serious situations the initial treatment using prescription medication would be preferable.  However, make sure to mention side effects and especially serious side effects.  Encourage a visit to their personal physician to discuss the product.  Please do not share your prescription medication with anyone.
Question:  May we form a sub-forum for specific health issues on Instant Remedy?
Answer:  Yes you may.  This will also help many others who are seeking help with the same issues.  It is important to keep in mind that the discussions via the mobile apps or the website are kept short and specific to the subject of health and wellness.  Any other discussions are to be done on other social networks or via personal email afterwards.
Question:  Is this forum a good platform for assisting with emergency first aid?
Answer:  Yes, this is an excellent use of Instant Remedy mobile apps especially when support is needed in remote locations.   Make sure to include paramedics and health professionals as part of your circle of support so that when the message for help is sent everyone available in the group will be able to assist.


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