Diatomaceous Earth, 100% Food Grade: (Fossil Shell Flour). Absolutely Do Not Use Pool Grade for health.

The sharp edge structure of this fine flour kills parasites, worms, fungus, food borne bacteria, ants and most insects. Both humans and animals are able to consume DE in water or juice to eliminate the above. 1 TB once a day - it is tasteless but chalky in texture. Users report that the high silica content strengthens skin and internal body connective tissue, teeth and gums. Strengthens nails and cuticles. Destroys bacteria around gums. Detox heavy metals and radiation.  Dry powder sprinkled around property eliminates ants. A light dusting destroys bed bugs and fleas. Use on and around pets but avoid breathing in while dusting to avoid respiratory problems. http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php



Rinse with lukewarm salt water to ease TMJ pain or after any dental work including surgery.  Hold a mouthful of the solution several times (1 tsp in 8 oz warm water) and allow it to soothe the area.   Salt is also antiseptic and a general cleanser.  This often works a lot faster than any pain medication.



Rub one half of a fresh lemon on underarms to prevent or eliminate odor causing bacteria to flourish.  This is very effective but do not use immediately after shaving to avoid stinging pain.  It is a cost effective and natural remedy that will not cause any side effects.