Every one wants dense , thick and strong hair. But day by day we all are facing hair problems like Hair fall, baldness, split ends hair etc. Now we have discuss about Remedy’s of hair fall problem that you easily make at home .. So let’s get started

How to control hair fall

1.       Onion juice : Onion is one of the best solution for hair problems. Onion contains dietary fiber and folic acid and it is also good source of calcium and iron. Now let’s take One medium size white onion (recommended) , if you don’t have white Onion, then you may take other red onion peel it gently and then crush it in mixer grinder or other equipment that you have arrange easily at home and collect their juice in bowl. 

Now apply that onion juice gently on your hairs with the help of your fingertips. Massage your hair gently , slowly and smoothly . Don’t massage your hair hardly. Left for 1 hour after applying of onion juice over hair and then rinse your hair with water gently

Note : Don’t apply shampoo or soap over hair while rinsing your hair.


2.       Aloevera : if you dont know, then read carefully that aloevera contains Vitamins (A, C and E), Amino acids, salicylic acids. You know Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants. Aloevera makes hair stronger , smoothy and shiny and also helps hair to regrowth. Now lets get started take fresh piece of Aloevera from your garden then cut it from centre like in vertically direction. Now you have two pieces with upper side of gel. Take it and rub over your scalp gently and also apply over your hair. Dont rub roughly and hardly over hair. NOW Left for 2 hours then wash your hair gently with water.

Note : Don’t apply shampoo or soap over hair while rinsing your hair.


3.        Coconut Oil & Onion juice : Coconut is main source of nutrition to hairs and you know about Onion very well as I discussed in para 1. So let’s get started take 4 Tea spoon of Coconut Oil in a fry pan then heat it till bubbling and then add 4 Tea spoon of onion juice in pan and keep it over heating for 2 minutes at lower flame. Then take it in a bowl and left it for cold at room temperature. 

Now when it becomes cold then apply over your hairs at night time before go to bed. And wash your hair in morning time with the help of water . After two weeks you got the positive result . It controls hair fall and regrowth your hair.

Note : Don’t apply shampoo or soap over hair  rinsing your hair.

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